Central Area Design Guidelines

Why Do We Need Design Guidelines For The Central Area?

Central Area Action Plan II envisions a vibrant, multicultural community, proud of its rich African American heritage, as well as its historical link to other cultures. While man of the Plan’s key recommendations focus on the social and economic vitality of the Central Area, the community also strongly feels that the physical form of the Central Area and its individual neighborhoods should not be sacrificed to solely support economic development and affordable housing objectives, instead, design guidelines are needed to ensure that all new residential, commercial, mixed-use, and institutional developments contribute to the built environment and physical features of the Central Area.

  • Promote neighborliness and social interaction at the street level.
  • Allow for high-density commercial and residential uses at the village cores, yet still preserve the physical and social character of single family neighborhoods.
  • Regain the active, vibrant storefront commercial uses that typified the Central Area’s major streets in the 1950’s and 60’s
  • Encourage pedestrianism and walkability
  • Promote safe and friendly neighborhoods by ensuring buildings are designed with “eyes on the street.”


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